Our firm offers legal and business advice on all aspects of the music industry. We negotiate the deals, draft the agreements and provide practical commercial advice to all roll players in the Industry.


Our service is aimed at new and established artists as well as independent record labels and production companies on all legal aspects of recording agreements, which includes inter alia:

  • Negotiation of the commercial and financial terms of record deals
  • Structuring and drafting detailed recording agreements

Music Publishing

The copyright in music can be one of the most valuable assets to process. We advise songwriters and publishers on how best to exploit and protect these assets. If, as a songwriter, you have been presented with an agreement or simply want to know how to protect your interest in songs you have written, we can offer clear and constructive advice and guidance. Clients particularly value the firm’s practical approach to legal work in this area.

Our service includes:

  • Negotiating publishing deals from single song assignments to major sub-publishing arrangements
  • Structuring and drafting of detailed publishing agreements

Management Agreements

This is often the first agreement an Artist enters into. We advise both Artists and Managers on management agreements. The firm represents new up and coming Artists and Managers as well as those who are already well established.

Our service includes:

  • Advise on the commercial terms of management agreements
  • Structuring and drafting of detailed management agreements

Bank Member Agreements

When forming a band, it is sensible to draw up an agreement governing the relationship between the members. Our service is aimed at both established and new bands.

We provide tailored advice in this area including advice on:

  • Management of the band’s assets (including its name)
  • Changes in a band’s membership